Judicial Officers' Training Institute
Maharashtra, Nagpur

Training Activities at J.O.T.I. :
The training activities include Induction training for fresh appointees and refresher training for in-service Public Prosecutors.

Induction Training :
Judicial Officers Training Institute conducts 5 weeks residential training for newly recruited Assistant Public Prosecutors.

Refresher Training :
The refresher training comprises for about one or two weeks residential training, for in-service Public Prosecutors.

Training Course Contents :
The training programme includes Class Room teaching, Guest Lectures, Group Discussions, etc. which are conducted by senior experienced & qualified resource persons, which include senior experienced Judicial Officers, Prosecutors, Advocates, lecturers from Law College, experts from different fields, such as Forensic Expert, Forensic Medical officer, Handwriting Experts, etc.

Mock Trials, Role Play, Psycho Drama& Problem Solving Exercises :
Mock Trials are also conducted, wherein, the performance of the prosecutors is observed and necessary guidance/instructions are given in respect of improvement in performance. Psycho Drama exercises are also conducted visualising and depicting stressful situation usually occurring in the courts. The prosecutors are appropriately trained to anticipate such situations and cope up with the same effectively. So also, problem solving exercises are taken up regularly.

Training Sessions on Stress Management & Inter Personal & Communication Skills :
The atmosphere of court's rooms and surroundings usually gets charged up, and APP's have to bear a lot of stress, as tempers flare up during criminal trials. Besides, the public prosecutors are also required to face mental stress and pressures related to their profession as well as personal life. To effectively cope up with stress and to have effective skills of communication, the institute has been organizing special training sessions on stress management and inter personal skills, wherein expert psychologists conduct day long sessions of teaching communication and stress management skills. The experts effectively communicate with the trainee prosecutors to understand and redress their stress and communication related problems. There has been overwhelming response to such training sessions and as such these activities are taken up regularly.

Field Visits :
Besides the above, visits of trainee Assistant/Additional Public Prosecutors are organized to various courts, such as J.M.F.C. Court, District & Sessions Court, & also to the High Court, Forensic Laboratory, Central Prison, Reserve Forest etc. to acquaint them with various procedures and finer aspect of related laws.